PyraMax Sunshade –
marketing big time


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Application: Commercial Use

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The promotional sunshade for the most discerning customer. The LED lighting option allows your message to be seen in the evening and even late at night.

  • The canopy slope of 30° presents your message perfectly.
  • The operation is a cinch thanks to the ‘easy-swing-lever’ (ESL – lever lock).
  • The stain and water-resistant canopy consists of tough, durable polyester fabric.
  • A sun protection factor of 80 provides outstanding UV-protection.



Maße PyraMax

Erläuterung der Tabellenmaße


You can also add a rain gutter, LED lighting kit and a cover for the winter to your PyraMax sunshade. For more information, go to Accessories.


We ship your sunshade ex warehouse in ten different colours. You can also present your sunshade in a totally different light, because the large and weatherproof canopy area is an ideal advertising medium equally suited for a brewery logo, the name of a café or restaurant or for an individual design created by us.

The fabric colours on this website may vary depending on your monitor settings. We would be happy to send you original fabric samples.

  • Schnee-​weiß
  • Sonnen-​gelb
  • Sisal
  • Royal-​blau
  • Bordeaux
  • Feuer-Rot
  • Tannen-​grün
  • Violett
  • Tief-​schwarz
  • Grau
  • Anthrazit
  • Signal-orange


Advertising Imprint

On request, we will imprint wash-resistant advertising messages on your Classic sunshade in a one or multi-colour sublimation printing process. This technique produces stunningly sharp edges and brilliant colours.




The mast measures 80.0 mm x 80.0 mm and the 12-part frame consists of maintenance-free aluminium profiles.


The K-Design ESL-System allows easy operation requiring a minimum amount of force (using a lever lock).


For permanent installation, we offer an encasable base as a standard option. Alternatively, we also offer a panel base in which concrete slabs in the recesses of the base ensure sturdy support.

K-Design parasols are available in squared, round and rectangular shapes. Offering versatility, durability and style, our parasols enhance outside seating areas and can increase brand visibility and impact.