Vario Windbreak Wall – a strong and versatile advertising medium

Vario Windschutz

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Decorative and absolutely flexible – These decorative and functionally perfect windbreak walls are suitable for any patio shape. The are both an elegant solution for stormy weather and a well-visible advertising medium. The Vario windbreak wall gives you additional wind-protected space for your guests. The use of high-quality materials makes this system absolutely weatherproof and maintenance-free.

  • 360° hinged posts ensure a maximum of flexibility.


Weight 1.25 m wall: app. 20 kg
Weight 1.00 m wall: app. 17 kg
Weight 0.75 m wall: app. 14 kg




SIn addition, you can equip your Vario Windbreak Wall with Sunny lamps, infrared space heaters and an attachment for LCD screens. For further information, go to Vario Accessories.




The system is made of aluminium (anodized E6/EV1 natural) and safety glass and offers an unobstructed view of the surroundings while protecting against wind and noise at the same time. All glass panels are made of 5mm ESG safety glass. Even strong winds and cool temperatures have no chance here.


The hinged posts have been designed so that they can be positioned at any angle without additional accessories. On request, we will deliver connecting profiles, bases, Multi-benches or encasable sleeves for secure and easy installation. The same applies for height-adjustable galvanized steel bases and for fitting privacy films.