LED-Lighting –
create a warm ambience

For ParaLux, ParaFix und PyraSol, PyraMax and ParaQueen


Our LED lights turn your sunshade into an oversized lampshade. The yellow LEDs are integrated into the spokes, generate a warm yellow light and therefore a pleasant ambience.

The lights are simply powered by a rechargeable battery (without any cable). The LED lighting stands out by virtue of its very long service life (app. 250,000 hours) and low energy consumption.

Standard Light –
more atmosphere late in the evening

For ParaKing

Licht Neu

This Alu-finish lamps generates a pleasant and warm ambience under the sunshade. The evenings therefore become longer, while the sunshades are visible from afar and attract additional guests. The four lights are firmly integrated into the sunshade, so there is no need for installation or removal when opening or closing the sunshade.

Sunny Lamp

For Vario Windbreak Wall

Sunny Leuchte

The 230 Volt “Sunny” lamp (40 watts) is ideally suited for the Vario Windbreak Wall. It easily fits into any environment and creates that special ambience in any weather. Whether you want to stylishly illuminate your garden path or entrance area, the Sunny exterior lamp is the right choice for you. High-quality stainless steel, outstanding craftsmanship and the individual exterior lamp result in a perfect combination of functionality and looks. The integration of the Sunny lamp allows you to enjoy the evening in a pleasant, stylish atmosphere.