Encasable Base

For all sunshade models


For permanent installation, each sunshade can also be delivered with an encasable base (2-part). The size of the foundation depends on the sunshade model. The advantage: it saves space and you can remove the upper part by undoing only four screws. Then everything is open and there are no tripping hazards.
Einbetonierfuß mit Klappgelenk The models ParaQueen, PyraMax and ParaKing also require a hinged joint.This is an enormous help in putting up and taking down the sunshade in a controlled manner. A level position is still guaranteed when removing the hinged joint.

Panel Base

For all sunshade models


The sunshades can be put up anywhere with this mobile bevelled base. Concrete slabs in the recesses of the base ensure sturdy support. The base is bevelled to avoid hazardous edges for staff and customers.
The panel base has the following dimensions: 970 x 970 x 50 mm.

With our special King-base you are on the safe side. Our specially treated heavy base is made of 3 mm heat-treated galvanized steel and is designed for 360 kg of ballast (with integrated shaft and hinged joint for installation of electrical cables).
Dimensions: 1220 x 1220 x 550 mm

Electrical Service Shaft

For ParaKing


This service shaft serves to house the electrical installations (for IR space heaters) and comes with the winter cover plate, upper part of the encasable base (80mm) and hinged joint (200mm). The shaft as well as the winter cover plate are made of heat-treated galvanized steel and are therefore rustproof. They are the ideal solution for keeping power cables underground over the winter and “out of sight”. The bottom cover plate serves as feeder plate for the empty pipes through which the cables are laid. The service shaft has the following dimensions: 220 x 220 x 500mm. The hinged joint serves to easily put up and take down the sunshade in a controlled manner.