Sunny Lamp

For the Vario Windbreak Wall

Sunny Leuchte

The 230 Volt “Sunny” lamp (40 Watt) is ideally suited for the Vario Windbreak Wall. It easily fits into any environment and creates that special ambience in any weather. Whether you want to stylishly illuminate your garden path or entrance area, the Sunny exterior lamp is the right choice for you. High-quality stainless steel, outstanding craftsmanship and the individual exterior lamp result in a perfect combination of functionality and looks. The integration of the Sunny lamp allows you to enjoy the evening in a pleasant, stylish atmosphere.

VARIO Infrared Space Heater

For the Vario Windbreak Wall


This space heater gives off a comforting warmth and is available in two power ratings (1400 watts and 2000 watts). The space heaters can mounted on the Vario Windbreak Wall by means of an attachment so that your patio is pleasantly warm in any weather. The space heaters work like the sun. They don’t heat up the air, but directly and almost instantly warm the human body with the infrared light they give off. Depending on the price of electricity, the operating costs at a power output of 2 kilowatts are only 40 cents per hour. The heaters are simply connected to a 230-Volt power outlet.

Water Spray Protection for Vario Windbreak Wall

This coated and ergonomically shaped steel plate protects the space heater against hail and other weather effects. It guarantees the proper operation of your space heater even if the weather on your patio turns bad. This allows you to use the space heater in any weather.

LCD Screen Attachment for Vario Windbreak Wall

For the Vario Windbreak Wall

Windschutzwandaufsatz für LCD Bildschirme

This “LCD”-Attachment is the ideal supplement for our windbreak walls. The attachment also allows you to attract guests to your patio when interesting TV shows and/or sports programmes are shown on TV. It is simply slid into the existing top profile, that’s all it takes to be sufficiently sturdy. Now the screen can be hooked in and already your guests can watch TV outdoors. 1:0 for you!