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Sublimation – Technique, Details and Advantages

The procedure: when the sublimation inks are printed on transfer paper and then treated in a hot press (app. 220 °C), the ink is lifted from the transfer paper and embedded into the molecules of the polyester fibre, because the affinity (adhesion) to polyester is greater.

WerbedruckWhen the fabric is taken out of the calender again, the colours are fixed. The finished object shows brilliant colours, is wash-proof, UV-resistant, scratchproof, resistant to chemicals and easy on the skin. The production is eco-friendly since no additional solvents are used. After transfer, the individual fabric wedges are sewn together to make up the sunshade, which is then ready for use.

RevolvergriffRevolver Grip

For the Classic

The sunshade can be easily opened and closed by simply pushing the button.

Easy-Swing-LeverESL – easy-swing-lever

For ParaLux, ParaFix, PyraSol, PyraMax and ParaQueen

Opening and closing the sunshade is a cinch thanks to the easy-swing-lever (ESL).

KurbelmechanikCrank mechanism

For ParaKing

The smooth, one-hand crank mechanism allows you to open and close the sunshade easily and safely – even in inclement weather.

Mobiler StandfußSunshade base

For all sunshade models

Thanks to a bevelled, mobile panel base the sunshades can be put up anywhere. Concrete slabs in the recesses of the base ensure sturdy support. The base is bevelled to avoid hazardous edges.

EinbetonierfußEncasable base

For all sunshade models

This encasable base is used for permanent installation of the sunshade. You can remove the upper part of the base by undoing only four screws. This avoids tripping hazards, e.g. when you store the sunshade over the winter.

Einbetonierfuß mit KlappgelenkEncasable base with hinged joint

For the PyraMax, ParaQueen and ParaKing

The models PyraMax, ParaQueen and ParaKing require an additional hinged joint. This is an enormous help in putting up and taking down the sunshade in a controlled manner. A level position is still guaranteed when removing the hinged joint.

EinbetonierhülseInstallation of the Windbreak Wall

When installing the Vario Windbreak Wall, there are four options to fasten it:

  • Fastening by means of ground anchor and base
  • Fastening by means of ground peg and base
  • Fastening by means of encasable sleeve
  • Fastening by means of the Multi-bench

The tidiest installation option is the one using encasable sleeves, since these are out of sight. To store the wall over the winter, the mandrel is removed and the sleeve is covered with a plug.

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